Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Subha Savere Sai Tere Mandir Main - Sai Song

Om Sai Ram,

Here is a  Shirdi Sai Baba song with good lyrics that reflects a lover of Shri Saibaba of Shirdi. Watching this video itself can bring about inner devotional change for a Baba and Shirdi lover. The pictures of Sai Baba's idol in Samadhi Temple and other spiritually important places in Shirdi are shown in the video. Listening online to this Sai Baba song, while watching this video itself will be a very pleasant experience for Sai Baba devotees.

The theme of this song is pretty much same. The devotee asks Baba to perform a miracle that he or she lives in the sacred land Shirdi. In morning he visits Samadhi Mandir daily, and offer the chadar. Sweep clean the sacred place in front of Sai Baba on daily basis. I worship your holy feet every day.

Do something Baba that i never forget the words that fell from your mouth, let them be my guide. Make me able, that i surrender each and every moment of my life to you and your divine love and grace. Each and everything i have is a Yours and i can surrender it all to You.

What do i have within me? It's all yours and i offer everything within me to you. Keep singing your  praise. That is my joy and bliss.

Lyrics of Subah Savere Sai Tere

 Subah savere Sai tere - 2
 Mandir mein nit aau mein
 Koi karishma karde aise - 2
 Shirdi mein bash jau mein
 Subah savere

 Teri samadhi pe phuloki
 Chadar roz chadau mein
 Dwarkamai ke aangan mein
 Zadu roz lagau mein
 Puju charan tumare
 Sai vachan tumare
 Kabhina visharau mein

 Subah savere Sai tere - 2
 Mandir mein nit aau mein

 Mein es jivan ka har ek pal 
 Tujko arpan kar jau
 Jo kuch he sub tune diya he
 Tuj pe samarpan kar jau - 2

 Mera mujme kya he
 Sub teri hi kripa he
 Tere hi gun gan gau mein

 Subah savere Sai tere - 2
 Mandir mein nit aau mein
 Koi karishma kar do aisa - 2
 Shirdi mein bash jau mein
 Subah savere

 Lyrics Subah Savere Sai Tere in Hindi

 सुबह सवेरे साईं तेरे - 2
 मंदिर में नित आउ में 
 कोई करिश्मा करदे ऐसा - 2
 शिर्डी में बश जाऊ में 
 सुबह सवेरे 

 तेरी समाधी पे फुलोकी 
 चादर रोज़ चदाऊ में 
 द्वारकामाई के आँगन में 
 जादू रोज़ लगाऊ में 
 पुजू चरण तुमारे
 साईं वचन तुमारे 
 कभिना विशराऊ में 

 सुबह सवेरे साईं तेरे  - 2
 मंदिर में नित आउ में 

 में एस जीवन का हर एक पल  
 तुजको अर्पण कर जाऊ 
 जो कुछ हे सब तुने दिया हे 
 तुज पे समर्पण कर जाऊ - 2

 मेरा मुजमे क्या हे 
 सब तेरी ही कृपा हे 
 तेरे ही गुण गान गाऊ में 

 सुबह सवेरे साईं तेरे - 2
 मंदिर में नित आउ में 
 कोई करिश्मा कर दो ऐसा - 2
 शिर्डी में बश जाऊ में 
 सुबह सवेरे 

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