Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Saibaba TV serial song - Sacred ash Udi

This song is from the popular Television serial Sai Baba aired on star tv channel of star tv network, produced by Ramanand Sagar group.

This one is nice melodious song showing some characteristics of Sai Baba of Shirdi. At the start and the end of the video clip is shown Sai Baba's control over fire. Sai Baba had lit a fire in Dwarkamai where He spent most of His life in the sacred land of Shirdi. The fire is named Dhuni Maa. Maa means mother, Even Dwarkamai has Mai in the end which means mother. Often Sai Baba has said that Darkamai is compassionate mother and whoever climbs it's steps and seek refuge will be saved by the compassionate mother.

Same way about Dhuni Maa the sacred fire, He said that it burns the sins and bad deeds of the devotees. Dhuni Maa is there to protect the devotees and to those who seek refuge. Sai Baba used to distribute the sacred ash from produced from Dhuni Maa. He called it Udi (Ask for free Udi from Shirdi). In Sacred text Sai SatCharitra one often reads then the devotee left with Udi and blessings. All the devotees visiting Sai Baba would get the prasad of Udi.

Many devotees were given Udi and advised to mix it with some water and drink. On acting on the advice the devotees would find the miraculous effect of the Udi. Udi has been proved beneficial in getting free from physical ailments as well as other emotional, social and mental problems the humans face at different points in life time.

Sai Baba when sported in Human form Himself would apply Udi to many devotees, with His sacred hands. The pressure of His hands with which He applied the Udi was different on each devotee according to the devotees problem as stated by devotee interested in spirituality, who closely had watched Sai Baba applying Udi to many devotees.

Factual stories of Sai Baba even says that Sai Baba to very few devotees even slapped them hard after applying Udi. The result of the slap was that the devotees receiving the slap got free from long stubborn physical or social ailment. Sai Baba even used anger along with foul language to make them free from problems.

Since the perfect Master Sai Baba had control over all level of consciousness, that anger and fould language was used on, to drive away the evil and negative energies that caused the problems to the devotees.

Sai Baba's factual stories also describes His control over the five elements. Once Sai Baba roared in a thundering voice to the on pouring rain which had flooded the land of Shirdi. As soon as Sai Baba's tundering command was delivered the dark dense clouds dispersed and the rain stopped.

Similarly once when many devotees were sitting in Dwarkamai, suddenly the fire of Dhuni Maa got enraged and the devotees got scared and did not know what to do. Sai Baba just asked raging fire to calm down and it happened immediately. This has been dramatized and shown in the video clip.

Another such incident was when Sai Baba lit the lamp of water, which burnt all night. It was after this miracle that the people of Shirdi started treating Him with respect. Earlier there where only very few to do so. Sai Baba then known as a mad fakir used to beg for oil, which was used to light lamps with wicks. Once the grocers who supplied Him with the free oil decided not to give Him any oil. It happened. The mad Fakir returned least perturbed.

The human curiosity led them to hide and watch, what the mad Fakir would do that night without the oil ? What they saw changed their minds and attitude towards the mad Fakir forever. The Fakir as usual got up. Took the vessel in which He used to beg for oil. He drank some water from water pot and spit the same in the oil vessel. Taking the name of God, He put the wicks in earthen lamps pour the water in it and lit them. To the amazement of those who watched this, the lamps remained lit all night long.

Thus the mad Fakir was not treated as Mad but as a Fakir who had amazing and miraculous powers.

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