Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Aum Sai Namo Namaha - Chant

This one is a very good video with the chant
Om Sai Namo Namaha
Shri Sai Namo Namaha
Jai Jai Sai Namo Namaha
Sadguru Sai Namo Namaha

ॐ साई नमो नमः
श्री साई नमो नमः
जय जय साई नमो नमः
सद्गुरु साई नमो नमः

The chants that are frequently played in Shirdi by Shri Saibaba Sansthan Shirdi and is the favorite of many devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba. In between is a video editing of Sai Baba's picture that makes it looks Sai Baba is speaking.

Aum Sai Namo Namaha - Chant

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