Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sabka Malik Tu SaiRam - Daily Downloads mp3

Sabka Malik Tu SaiRam " singer: UNKNOWN, courtesy: sunith kumar shetty

Daily link found on the shared sites for Shiridi Sai Baba Bhajans and devotional songs


  1. not able to download this song. so please upload it again. or provide the artist name/album title, so that i can go for some alternative. please
    emial :

  2. The link was provided by devotee and so not much can be done about it. You can make a search on the 4shared site and you might get an upload made by a devotee.

  3. there are no search, for this song. can anyone please tel me from where to download this song. i have searched in 4shared and some other related site, but didnt get it. So can anyone help me with this regards. OM SAI RAM.

  4. Even I need this song desperately. Can anyone provide me with correct link? JAI BABA

  5. om sairam
    The song which you are looking forward its title is hey dukh bhanjan hey sai ram

    I have attached the link from where you can download , indeed its very beautiful song

    baba bless you always

  6. thks really awesome song..i cannt resist my tear during lisening this song

    may sai baba bless all of us


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