Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Saibaba television serial 8 May - Watch online - Download

Saibaba television serial episode dated 8th June 2008, based on the folklore of Shirdi Sai Baba. The television serial is aired on star plus channel of star tv network, production by Ramanand Sagar group.

Watch online

Putfile links

Part 1

Part 2

altshow links

Part 1

Part 2

Download link

to download the torrent you will need a software which you can download from this link


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    for greater coverage

  2. We request you to please upload the serial properly. For the last 4 serials, we are facing difficulty in watching the serial. It plays for a minute and then pauses. It does not play uninterrupt even for a min. We impatiently wait for serial to be uploaded as we are away from India. This is the only way to watch sai baba serial.

  3. What you can do is press the pause button and let the whole video buffer. Then you will be able to watch it cleanly. Other better option is download the videos and then watch them.

    Watching videos online depends much on the connection speed one has. Lower speed takes longer to buffer. If i want to watch the video without interruption i would press the pause button move away and do dome other work and come back to watch the video after it has buffered.

  4. Jai Sai Ram

    Thanks a lot Alpesh ji for making available the weekly episodes of Star Plus TV Sai Baba serial.
    I too used to do the same as you are suggesting here when ever I found difficulties of buffering the videos. I am downloading the all the episodes.
    Now and then I am checking if i could download the episodes I missed to download.
    For some old episodes there are putfile links but the videos are not available anymore.
    I request, please if possible can you make them available again for downloading?

    Jai Sai Ram
    M.S.Maheswari Devi

  5. this is the one of the greatest philosophical and motivational serials of all.
    once i was frustrated and was searching for an answer which i got it by watching the serials...

    jai sai baba


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