Friday, March 21, 2008

Heart is the Temple and Home of God

This video clip from Sai Baba television serial March 16starts with beautiful Shiva Bhajan Damru Baje, where the boy in search of God to cure his blind parent's eye is seen praying to Shivlinga in the Shiva Temple. Sai Baba is also shown praying. Sai Baba rushes to the kid, who sits disappointedly on the stairs of the temple.

The kid is highly disappointed for the blindness and asks if he did anything wrong to the God and points angrily towards the shrine in the temple. And the kid says God does not exists.

Sai Baba replies that God exists!, the kid asks if God exists, why can't he see Him? Sai Baba replies so that is the reason He has come to Shirdi, to see God.

Kid says that he feels he will find God in Shirdi, and if God is in Shirdi, He should be found in Temple.

Sai Baba replies, 'What is Temple?, We have mind and in mind is Temple (maan ke andaar Mandir). Our mind is the Temple of Almighty (Malik).

The kid gets little confused at this and asks then what about the Temple they are sitting outside.

Sa Baba replies, 'This temple is temple also. But this is every one's Temple. Our heart is the Temple of almighty God, His home that where he lives. That's why they say that God is every where, He is in the plants and the animals, in you and in me.

The kid is has a question for this too. He asks, 'then how to worship God, who lives in Heart and Mind?'

Sai Baba, 'When we do a good deed, that is worship! You serve your parents and you are trying in every way that they get back their sight, that too is a way of worship to God. To give food and water to hungry is worship (pooja). When you give love to animals serve them food that is devotion (Bhakti) to God. When one serve the old and disabled, give them love and make them happy, that is the time one gets love and grace from the God sitting in one's heart.

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