Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shirdi SaiBaba serial Star Plus 2 December 2007

Links to online streaming videos of Shirdi Sai Baba television serial by Ramanand Sagar Production, aired on 2nd Dec 2007

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Ref of dattavtari,P.P.Vasudevanand Saraswati (Tembe) Swami maharaj can be found in Sai Satcharitra & Tembe swami maharaj's charitra:-"Once,Dasganu met Swami Maharaj at his stay at Rajmahendri(Andhra Pradesh)& offered a kirtan service to him.On enquiring, Dasganu told Swami maharaj of his plans of going to Shirdi to meet his master Sai Baba.Swami Maharaj gave him a coconut saying, "Please give this to my brother".On the way, the party halted at Kopergaon where dasganu went to perform religious services in the morning.His companions feeling hungry, proceeded to eat some snacks they had packed. It turned out that the snacks were rather too hot & spicy.Everyone was thirsting for water, which,on that hot summer day was not readily available.Some resourceful members decided to break the coconuts in the baggage to satiate their thirst.Among these coconuts, the one given by Swami Maharaj was also broken & consumed.
    when they reached shirdi,Dasganu was dismayed by the cold reception he got from Sai Baba,who turned his back on the party & shouted at them,"Theives & scoundrels! Where is the coconut my brother gave for me?Get me my coconut first".Dasganu, unaware that it had been consumed,asked his companions for the coconut.It was only after they confessed to having eaten it that he came to know of the sacrilege.Having impressed upon dasganu & others of the esteem he had for his BROTHER's coconut,Sai Baba gave up his feigned anger & rebuked them for the sacrilege".
    My family is a regular watcher of the serial,"Sai Baba- Tere haazaron haath" & we like it. Tembe Swami maharj was born in Mangaon, near goa in 1854 & took samadhi in 1914 at Garudehwar in Gujrat. Swami maharaj travelled barefooted througout India & has written many Granths & stotras for the benefit of mankind.I am a devotee of both these great incarnations & would like to see this story in an episode of the serial. sanjeev.vaswani@yahoo.com.


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