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Video Clip of SaiBabab serial 24th Aug star plus Channel

Translation from Hindi to English below

The first part has a very good visualization, of Sai Baba's dictum " I am everywhere and in everything ". when challenged by a self called yogi and siddha, the devotees of Saibaba sees him every where, in trees, in animals. When the self proclaimed Siddha listens to this, he gets enraged and tell the devotees to go to Shirdi and tell Sai Baba that to beware that he was coming to Shirdi to reveal how Sai Baba is cheating his devotees.

Sai Baba does not need any devotees to go to Shirdi and give him information. Sitting in Masjid (Dwarkamai) he sees, listen and knows everything happening everywhere. Sitting in Masjid he replies. " Me, you, mine, yours leave asides these feelings and everywhere see the Malik (God, Almighty, Omnipotent, Omnipresent). Feel the God everywhere and in everything, and you will experience walking and speaking state of Samadhi (Meditation) to show the yoga siddhi there is no need to bury oneself under the earth (Which the challenger used to do to show off his greatness (?) ) , the yogi who has vikar (like looking for faults in others, anger etc.) is not a yogi his Samadhi (highest oneness experienced with God ) is not Samadhi at all. Sabka Malik Ek (God the owner of all is one and only one).

One the way to Shirdi, after reaching very near to Shirdi, Sai Baba's close devotee Tatya gives some special one line instruction. " Till one have faith in Sai Baba one cannot meet Sai Baba even after reaching Shirdi. Soon after the insightful statement a girl runs to Tatya that some kids were on their way to immerse themself in Samadhi in water. The yogi(?) is bit shocked by the statement and follows them.

Sai Baba, " When each moment we remember Malik (God) (i would say this for remebering Sai Baba by my experience) then we get intense in the self. No Moh or Maya (illusion of the life) cannot distract us, we loose our false self in Malik (God), becomes one with God, and that state is Samadhi."

The yogi with his group of followers, follows the kids to verify what had been said. The kids enter the waters and Sai Baba assists them under the waters. The yogi gets scared (disturbed mind) and ask Tatya to all the kids out, else they might meet their end. Tatya undisturbed, says that they were in Samadhi state and as soon as it gets over they will come out of the water. To this the yogis mind gets disturbed and in anger ask Tatya " Do you even know the meaning of Samadhi?"

Sai Baba, " The mind filled with all kind of disturbances when by Malik's (God's) grace gets disturbance free, then one finds Malik (God) everywhere, in every direction, in everyone and everything this is Samadhi."

The yogi, in arrogance and somewhat hurt says that for Samadhi great penace is need. Tatya replies, " We know only one penace, bhakti (devotion), we are devoted of Sai Baba and that is greater than any penace." Sai Baba looks to pleased and happy by the statement coming out of love, trust and faith of his beloved devotees.

The young boys comes out of the water quiet happily. The girl says that swami (yogi) was scared. One of the boy replies Sai Baba was with them so why fear, there is no reason for one to fear when Sai Baba is with him. This brings about more boiling disturbance in the yogi. The boys leave.

The yogi encounter the mysterious old man again who appears now than and keep asking him insightful and wise questions. This time he asks him that the young boys felt and saw malik (God) under water, while they were there for short duration. Did he feel the God when he buried himself for seven days in the name of Samadhi.

Sai Baba, " To remember God and to take his darshan (To see him and feel him) is the goal of human. Humans, day and night search for the God (or the undisturbed state of mind). He searches for God in all directions, everywhere, knocks at every door, but he does not find him anywhere.

Shama the close devotee says , " One should go to knowledgeable and learned people to find God, God is surely to be found at such places."

Sai Baba, " It is not that one goes to learned people and people filled with knowledge. He goes there but one does not find God there, one finds the ego of the learned and knowledge filled minds. God does not say I am something ,is without ego, where ever there is ego God cannot live there.

Mahalsapati asks then should one go to the homes of devotees to find God?

Sai Baba replies that but devotees also gets closed and oppose that which does not go according to their devotion. They stick to the form of their devotion and the form or the formlessness of their mind and oppose other forms of devotion. The real is one and formless. Sabka Malik Ek (God is one and only one).

Two more video clips from the same episode, from television serial Sai Baba, production of the Tv serials done by Ramanand Sagar group. It is nice That Saibaba lovers upload these videos, so that we can view them on internet whenever we wish. Video post by Saibaba devotee

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