Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Saibaba tele serial August 9th episode Star T. V.

Video clips from the television serial telecasted on 9th August, 2007. The tv series produced by Ramanand Sagar.

This video clip shows how a bad company destroys one. Here Tatya gets the effect of bad company of a drunkard. However merciful SaiBaba is watchful and saves him. It is very important for us to choose the company and the friends we move around with, most of the times it affects a lot. Company of a devotee who's attention always on Sai Baba or any God or guru is much better, than the company of the people with ambition of power and money. The best is the company of Sadguru, if we keep Sai Baba always in our heart and mind, he is always with us, what is better than that?

Sai Baba of Shirdi many a times, guides his devotees in dreams. Not only that here he sets right a drunkard who was destroying his and his family's life. Sai Baba has also been reported to free the devotees from their bad karmas by making them suffer in dreams, and thus saving them from much dreaded sufferings.

" Baba asked him to stay in Bhimabai's house, which was not a convenient and healthy place, but Baba's order had to be obeyed. While he was staying there, Baba cured him by two dreams. In the first dream, he saw himself as a boy suffering the severe pain of a flogging, which he received for not reciting his ‘Sawai-poetry’ lesson before his class- master. In the second dream, some one caused him intense pain, and torture, by rolling a stone up and down over his chest. With the pain thus suffered in dream, his cure was complete, and he went home " from Sai SatCharitra. Chapter 13.

o one addicted to drink, He appeared in his dream, sat on his chest, pressed it and left him, after he gave a promise not to touch liquor anymore." Sai SatCharitra chapter 18-19, from the link provided one can download mp3, itunes and also listen to SaiSatCharitra online.

The drunkard is transformed by the dream. His wife and son feels great relief in their hearts. The merciful Sai Baba forgives him and showers his love and blessings on him!!!

The yogi tested. Sai Baba's khand yog.

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