Saturday, August 18, 2007

A very good song called Sai Baba boloSai Baba bolo

A very good song called Sai Baba Bolo .......Sai Baba bolo from the famous movie Shirdi ke Sai Baba (1977). Download link for the song in audio (mp3) at the bottom of the page.

More audio downloads from the movie Shirdi Ke Sai Baba

[SND] 01 Sai Nath Tere Hazaron Haath.mp3 5.9M
[SND] 02 Jaise Bhi Hain Ab Hey Sai.mp3 7.0M
[SND] 03 Sai Baba Bolo.mp3 6.1M
[SND] 04 Bolo Jai Sai Baba.mp3 6.5M
[SND] 05 Dam Dam Damru Baje.mp3 4.2M
[SND] 06 Sai Mein Sangeet Samaye.mp3 7.9M
[SND] 07 Chahe Ram Kaho.mp3 6.3M
[SND] 08 Bhola Bhandari.mp3 5.4M
[SND] 09 Bolo Sai Naam Bolo.mp3 5.6M
[SND] 10 Deepawali Manayei Suhani.mp3 4.9M
[SND] 11 Man Ke Gehre Andhiyare Mein.mp3 7.7M
[SND] 12 Jispe Bharosa Mujhko.mp3 7.9M

download free mp3 songs from Sai Baba movie.


  1. plz download the qawwali of hamsar hayat. i love babas' this bhajan

  2. very good site really appriciated and neccessary to spread the message of baba to socity and leave peacefully

  3. Hi Alpesh and the comment poster Anonymous... Do you guys have the Hamsar Hayat concert on Sai Baba ? I had seen it somewhere in India during my recent visit. It was telecast late night on some Sanskar or Astha channel. It was simply awesome.


  4. !!!!Om Sai Raam!!!

  5. jai sai ram,
    Seems to be a true devotees of BABA. spreading baba's message SABKA MALIK EK. JANAK RAJ GROVER, SHRI SAI SAHARA SAMITI (REGD), FARIDABAD

  6. jai sai nath babaki jai


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